Demo v1.2

game Root package, contains IGame and IGameDisplay interfaces, and CGameCanvas and CGameLoop classes.
game.application Contains both an applet and a frame, both implementing IGameApplication and containing a CGameCanvas.
game.controller Contains implementations of a keyboard-based game controller and a mouse controller.
game.geom Definition of a 2D float-based vector and a 2D float-based bounding box. Contains various graphical entities, including the IGraphicObject interface. Contains classes enabling pixel operations such as sub-pixel scrolling, gaussian blur, zoom & rotation. Set of classes implementing layered drawing. Contains the sprite handling classes. Text displaying classes (contains CBitmapFont and COnscreenMessage).
game.physics Set of abstract classes usefull for defining graphical objects in a physical world.
game.score Score management (score and highscore).
game.sound Contains the CSoundPlayer class used by the game to output sounds.
game.time Contains a time averaging class.